Dev Blog 1 - Prison Escape

Finally, it's been grueling hours filled with storyboarding, lot's of grueling misplaced {}, and so much other coding shenanigans and failures that I honestly don't want to count, and never attempted too. Not sure I, nor Einstein could count that high. But we're finally here, the release of my simple Prison Escape Prototype that is in reality sub_alpha. Don't worry though, in the extremely near future (possibly tomorrow) I'll be adding a Menu, more music, significantly more choices to your game-play, animations *hopefully*, but atleast some images to relieve your boredom as you changes scenes and territory, and eventually, just maybe, turn Prison Escape from a text based game to a more arcade stats based version of it's current self which, if you buy it now, you'll get for free!

Anyway, thanks for reading this if you are, much respect for helping indie developers get along.


Prison Escape! Version 0.2Alpha_Data.rar 12 MB
Aug 04, 2017

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